1. Download MMSSTV from here.

2. Install MMSSTV, and print out the instructions and read them.

3. Shut down all other programs you might have running, then start MMSSTV and select the OPTIONS pull down from the top tool bar.

4. Select SETUP MMSSTV from the pull down.

5. This will bring up a three tabbed notebook, select the RX Tab.

6. Set up the RX Page as follows, (DO NOT CHANGE THE LEVEL CONVERTER INFO):

7. Set up the TX Page as follows, (DO NOT CHANGE THE TxBPF/TxLPF, TUNE BUTTON INFO, or PORT value):

8. Set up the MISC page as follows, (DO NOT CHANGE THE FIFO, or DEVICE ID):

9. Note above: DO NOT change anything in the CLOCK window yet.

10. Once you have these items set up locate a station that believes they are calibrated correctly. They become the "Standard" for all.

11. Have them send a picture to you. After that picture is complete move to step 12.

12. Select the "SYNC" tab, (you can do this while the picture is being received), then select the NICONICO (Happyface), button ONLY after the picture is complete. A number will appear in a small white box in the upper part of the screen. This is your error from the selected "Master" station.

13. You may press the "MEM" button. This will lock your computer to the "Master" stations clock frequency. Your receive is now setup.

Setting up the Transmit Sound Card Sample Rate

1. Have your reference station turn off "AUTO SLANT".

2. Send a picture to the reference station.

3. The Reference station should then select the "SYNC" tab.

4. Reference station then should press the "Happy Face", (NICONICO), button.

5. The reference station will be given a "Correction Factor", he/she should pass this number on to you.

6. You should select the "MISC" tab, and enter this number under the "TX OFFSET" field, using the OPPOSITE sign. i.e. if the correction factor is 85, then you would enter -85. If the correction factor were -85, then you would enter 85.

7. You should press OK, you are finished!

8. Go back and WRITE DOWN all the clock settings in the event they ever get lost.

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