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MixW Help Files for version 3.x

Posted by on November 11, 2012


MixW Main window

MixW Main display screen

Here you will find the current MixW help files for inclusion within the MixW software package.  These files are in Windows Help Format, .chm, and replace all other help files for MixW.  If you install them as per the instructions below, they will be available from within MixW, by selecting HELP.

Download the file(s) below, and then expand them.  MixW help files were last updated for V2.19. However the latest version is V3.1 and some of the data in the help files is out of date. These files have been updated to reflect the changes in V3.1 and other, hopefully useful, information added.  For more information on MixW, see either the Yahoo Support Group, or the review on this site.

Click here for the current files in zip format.  Once you have the files out of the zip file, move them into your MixW data directory. Once in your data directory use Windows Explorer to select Mixwmain.chm. Right click on the entry then select properties. At the bottom of the properties window, if there is a Security heading and Unblock button, left click on the Unblock button then click on OK. Repeat this for the other 4 files just copied across.

For MixW2.2 and later the data directory is the second file location option you accepted during the MixW install.

If there are already help files there, just overwrite them.  To test, start MixW, then select Help->Help Topics.  The help window should have a title MixW3.1 Help.  If it hasn’t the installation has failed.  If you need help in installing this, join the Yahoo MixW Group, and ask for help…


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