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Review of N6FN’s Nifty Mini-Manuals


Like many aids I suspected that I would not really use them… Turns out I was wrong, the cards are handy to have in the car, as well as the books. I keep the Kenwood card on me when I take out the HT, and the book for the 2720 in the glove box of the car. The fonts look as if they were selected to be readable, and the use of Bold for headings, and non bold for the actual information is well thought out. Major Categories are in Bold Red, while sub categories are in Bold black, while the actual data on how to do something is in normal black text, all on a white background. all in all it looks very much like an index in a book, and is easy to follow. For instance, in the Kenwood card, the section om Memory programming is titled “Memory Programming”, in red, under that are 6 steps, (in blue), each step further broken down into actions, (in black), covering exactly how to program the memories. It sounds complicated, but if you look at it, your eyes just go where they need to… Very well thought out, and very easy to use. Continue reading »

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MixW Help Files for version 3.x


Here you will find the current MixW help files for inclusion within the MixW software package. These files are in Windows Help Format, .chm. Download the file below, and then expand it, and follow the directions. MixW help files were last updated for V2.19. However the latest version is V3.1 and some of the data in the help files is out of date. These these files have been updated to reflect the changes in V3.1 and other, hopefully useful, information added. Continue reading »

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MixW Macro List V3.x, complete


Colin (2E0BPP), and Dave (G3VFP) have put together a list of all known Macros and a few more for MixW. This list of macros is the most complete list of Macros available today. This list can also be obtained from the MixW group on Yahoo as well. You can download a more detailed copy of Colin’s original Word document here. This is the most complete list of macros I have seen for MixW. Many thanks to Colin, and Dave for putting this list together. Continue reading »

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MixW Quickstart


This document will provide information for starting MixW for the first time. It will cover the initial setup and configuration of MixW. You can click any image for a larger version. I am using an Icom 756 Pro III, and the the settings here are what is working for me. My computer is using COM 1 for the serial connection via a Rigblaster Pro. Continue reading »

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MixW V3.0.1 Contest Setup


MixW has a mode which the user can select where it will aid you in contesting. MixW must be in contest mode to use contest mode. Once in contest mode, MixW will show the log differently, allow a separate set of macros for each contest, keep a running score, (and in some cases other data), and in general make your contesting life simpler. If you couple this mode with a custom set of macros, you can make some impressive scores, as long as you have a good signal.

MixW uses a set of files called DLL’s, and DOM files to configure itself for each contest. You get these files from the contest page, located at the MixW site. There are a few other sites with contest DLL’s, such as Victor N. Kosobokov’s site, Victor has a number of DLL’s available there, and has done a wonderful job of adding functionality to MixW. A DLL file controls how MixW works, and a DOM file contains the list of which countries and prefixes are available for the contest in question. You MUST have a DLL file for a contest in order to get stats, but you MAY NOT need a DOM file for a contest. If no DOM file is specified, then MixW will assume a base set of countries. Continue reading »

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